Local Bondage Groups
BARE (Bay Area Rope Exchange)
Bay Area Rope Club (BARC)
Bay Area Rope Rendezvous (BARR)
Rope Bite San Francisco
Rope Bite East Bay
Rope Bite North Bay
Self-Suspenders Bay Area

Local Places to Do Bondage
Black Thorn
Mission Control (select nights)
S.F. Citadel
VoxBody Studio

Local Recurring Bondage Events
Bondage-a-Go-Go – Website – FetLife group – Every Wed. night at the Cat Club
The KattHaus Club
Rope Peer Workshop – Monthly at the SF Citadel
Rope Bite SF, East Bay, and North Bay
Twisted Windows
See also: Erobay, a calendar of kinky events in the Bay Area

Local Bondage Educators (for tops and bottoms)
Evie Vane
Jay Wiseman

Shay Tiziano
Tom Foolery and Hexxus
True Blue

Bondage Education – General
Crash Restraint
Kink Academy
Remedial Ropes

Bondage Education – Bottom-Focused
Kinky Clover
The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up
Better Bondage for Every Body
See also: Many more bottoming resources on Evie Vane’s FetLife profile

Bondage Conferences
Bondage Expo Dallas (BED) – WebsiteFetLife Group
Bondage Expo Denver (BED) – WebsiteFetLife Group
Bound in Boston
Dark Odyssey: Surrender (has rope bondage track)
See also: Kinbaku+Shibari Workshops North America

FetLife Discussion Groups
Above The Ring – Suspension points
Ask a Rope Bottom and Rope Bottom’s Roundtable
Riggers and Rope Sluts – General